A feminine and graceful take on the Parisian culture, Isabel Marant’s denim shorts produce personalities of their own perfect for suiting one’s individual sense of style. Her designs do not demand a singular fashion be followed, providing open space for exploring different and alternative facets of the industry. This is apparent in the Izard broderie anglaise, crafted with a leather lace-up front and a bit of a longer cut, these deep midnight or off white shorts can work a variety of styles one’s wardrobe may already contain. On a more eccentric note comes the Gustave stretch-denim shorts, meticulously stitched and artistically frayed to give androgyny a touch of bohemian appeal. Available in a variety of pinks or an elegant black, these are stellar shorts to add to your summer or springtime wardrobe. For something along the Americana lines, the choices of denim bermudas come to mind -- oftentimes one or two solid colors and available in lengths mid-thigh or down to the knee.

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