Crafted with bekett suede and leather, the variety of Isabel Marant trainers adopt a modern take on just how luxurious the sneaker can get. Wildly satisfy your inner child with the Velcro fastening Marant eloquently fashioned or discover options that allow you to lace up. The round toe design, concealed wedge heels, and rubber soles make these trainers passionate about forcing discomfort to take a backseat for once. With a wide selection of colors, ranging from off white to burgundy orange to a smooth black, Marant’s sneakers are determined to make the days of commute and errands feel modish. The padded ankles also ensure that the day ends in the same amount of comfort it began in. Stylised letter paneling provides just the right touch of embellishment, especially in contrast to the white-tipped padded tongues. If the hi-top sneaker doesn’t cut it, Marant’s bobby suede wedge trainers offer a more elegant and modern approach.

Isabel Marant Trainers

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