The term “blazer” has been around since the early 19th century, meaning it’s literally taken decades of fashion evolution for Isabel Marant’s blazers to make their debut. With a focus on merging retro and just the right touch of a contemporary twist, these jackets have given business (and busy) women all around the globe an excuse to either get up early to get ready for work or to slip something stylish on for a simple yet powerful display of their status.<br /><br /> Not only does Marant provide top brand products, but also the rare quality of versatility. For a modern take on the classic style, the navy Margo linen-blend blazer is an excellent option to admire the details of and pair with the more eccentric pieces that may be in one’s wardrobe. A more feminine approach is the Layla wool-blend blazer, an off white jacket composed of a soft wool-blend and a touch of mohair, ideal for complimenting cocktail dresses and jeans.

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