Dear Aquascutum,

We’re sad. Like, really, really sad.

This lunchtime, you, one of our all-time fave British heritage brands, have gone into administration, putting to end 161 years of luxury fashion.

We’re crying. Well, we’re not, but we might be able to if we tried really hard.

Drapers tells us Harold Tillman, who bought you in 2009, failed to find a buyer after putting you up for sale two weeks ago. Frankly, that’s ridiculous. If we had spare dollar in the bank, we’d buy you. But Harold says he can’t afford to support you any longer because he invested £20m into you and you’ve sort of lost him £10.3m since February 2010, which is a little awkward, if we’re being honest.

But we still like you. Other than Burberry (soz), you’ve created some of the most iconic trench coats around, and we’re super sad to see you leave British fashion. We had such high hopes after Joanna Sykes came on board as your creative director two years ago, too. We’ve got a real tear in our eye now (almost).

We guess this means you’ll be selling your last stock for nice prices now, which is a lot some comfort, at least. We promise that whatever we snap up we’ll do because we love you, and not a bargain.

Tailoring, trench coats, and check lining 4eva,

Styloko x