Want to know what the coolest bloggers get up to at London Fashion Week? Hell, so we do.  And we decided to find out.  We’ve recruited five of our favourite bloggers to give us a sneak peek into a day in their life at London’s hottest calendar date.  Stay tuned for insider snaps, first-hand reactions to collections, and all the goss on the ground as it happens.

Kickstarting our mini series? Our own Editor-in-Chief, natch.  Over to Emily…

I’m a firm believer in practicing what you preach, so it seemed only fair to throw myself in full throttle and take charge of our first ‘day in the life of’ entry.

9am: Already at Somerset House to film my intro video with Fashot.TV (above).  Mark from Fashot helps put me at ease as I blunder my way through the shoot – for some reason, a massive camera in your face has a knack of making you feel a little, er, conscious.  Still, we wrap it up in a couple of minutes (ok, maybe 15) and I feel satisfied as Mark and Catherine, our Head of Marketing, applaud my efforts.

10am: Meet the rest of the Styloko team at the courtyard to shoot our ‘What we’re wearing to LFW‘ pictures.  For a bunch of bubbly boys and girls, we’re all pretty quick to stay quiet when our photographer and social media guru, Rachel, asks who wants to go first.  Awkward.  Seems as though our afternoons spent ‘researching’ bloggers and street style pays off, though, as we do our best nonchalant pose impression.

11am: Backstage at Fashion Fringe winners Fyodor Golan.  The collection’s inspired by beetles and bugs and, though there are some, let’s say, adventurous pieces, there’s loads in the collection I love.  Grab a quick chat with ghd creative director Kenna to hear about the hairstyles – loose-gaping fishtail plaits at either side are joined by a central ‘spine’ (AKA French plait) and then loop into a curl of plaits at the end. Cool.  Take lots of behind-the-scenes snaps to send straight to Twitter and my scrapbook.

12pm: Sitting second row at Fyodor Golan show with friends from Catwalk Queen.  Show is late starting (surprise surprise), but spy Hilary Alexander in the front row opposite. Shame she’s too busy tweeting to look up for a picture.

12.30pm: Show finally starts. Zesty lime green pieces printed to look like scales stride down the runway in structural shapes, but my favourite is the red dress (above). Collection has a real gothic undertone with dark makeup, statement nose rings and screamo music. Theatrical moments like the model encased in green glitter and the giant cobweb headpiece get everyone snapping away. Good first show.

12.45pm: Filing copy before next show. Not exciting, but essential.

2.30pm: Finally let in to Maria Grachvogel after queuing outside for over half an hour in the cold (glam, huh?).  Swanky setting in the Savoy but no signal – do they not realise we need to tweet everything? Great show from Grachvogel this season – her signature draping and slouch tailoring was updated with clever use of colour (chartreuse, gold brocade, muted jewel tones) and her trademark popping prints. Elegant as always.

3Pm: Run back to Somerset House to catch Felder Felder.  Show is over-subscribed (as usual) and only just make it in before the lights are dimmed.  Always love the Felders’ collections, and this season seems especially strong with bold use of zingy orange and vivid digital prints interspersed with the duo’s typical coolness.  Not sure on a jumper and knickers in the winter, though.

3.30pm: A rare window to grab lunch and a cheeky glass of champers (oh, come on, it’s fashion week!).

4.30pm: Back to press lounge to file copy and publish this morning’s show reviews.  The grounds are emptying out a little now but there’s still three hours until my next show.

7.30pm: Arrive at Vauxhall Fashion Scout for Georgia Hardinge, one of my fave up-coming designers.  This season she seems more confident in her stride than ever, introducing new colours and cuts alongside her signature skeletal prints – I love the refined tailoring.

8.30pm: Jump on train back home (unconveniently outside of London) to write up the last shows and edit the rest of the team’s reports ready for publishing asap.  No parties for me… at least not yet.

Check out everything else Emily spied in her LFW scrapbook.  You can follow her throughout London Fashion Week tweeting from @Styloko – all tweets ending EO are hers.