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The second London Collections: Men rounds off today, and in between admiring the male models and adorable pooches that are roaming the runways, there’s actually a thing or two we can learn from the menswear collections.

Borrowing from the boys isn’t exactly a new concept – we’ve all pinched an oversized jumper here, or added a pair of brogues there – but the past year has seen a shift towards a more literal interpretation of menswear as womenswear. That means our shirt collas are crisp, the fit is boxy, and our trousers are straight and long.

Thanks to designers like J.W. Anderson, Adrien Sauvage, Margaret Howell and YMC, whose approach to women’s clothes comes from men’s first and foremost, adding an androgynous edge your outfit has never looked better – and, in this post-Christmas period where our systems are set to refresh, a pared-back approach to dressing seems quite appetising.

So, we’ve put together a quick-fire guide on what we can learn from our well-dressed other halves. Whether it’s slipping on a loafer or rocking head-to-toe tailoring, here’s how to re-think your girl/boy balance (and, of course, all the best pieces to make the outfits).

  • Backwards balance
  • Until now, you’ve probably added boyish touches to your feminine ensemble. But for a truly modern take on men’s-inspired dressing, you need to work the other way around. Put together a traditionally mannish look – a crisp shirt and loosely tailored trousers, for example – and think about adding one or two feminine touches to finish (a slick of lippy is quick and instant).

  • Don’t go straight for the heels
  • Yes, slipping on a pair of stilettos with your Le Smoking-style suit is still chic, but there are other alternatives that are just as stylish and a little less obvious. A slim belt around the waist of a long shirt dress, or a pair of eye-catching earrings, are great alternatives.

  • Wear brogues
  • This follows on from the point above. Wearing heels won’t lose you any street cred (and are sometimes necessary), but for the fashion forward, a pair of sturdy brogues are a stronger nod to this simple, inspired style.

  • Keep the palette clean
  • Since this take on androgyny is modern, your palette should be, too. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear colour, just that the look should be fuss-free and devoid of noise.

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